How To: Blow Dry Hair Like A Pro





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How To: Blow Dry Hair Like A Pro

Hello beauties! I get asked often “how do you get your hair that straight?” or told “I wish I knew how to blow dry hair.” Well, here’s your chance to learn how to blow dry hair like a pro! Or as I like to call it, get a fierce blowetazo. I have pretty thick, curly hair & have become a pro at getting this baby super straight, to the point where people forget my real hair texture. Keep reading for some tips & tricks, below you will also find a tutorial I uploaded to my Youtube channel! 

Few tips before I link the tutorial:

    • Air dry your hair for a bit, damp hair is best. Hair that is soaking wet will just take you longer to do.


    • Invest in a good blow dryer. Lightweight & powerful is what you are looking for! Here’s the one I use in the tutorial:

Below are other great affordable ones.

    • Invest in good ceramic, round brushes. They heat up quickly, & are amazing at smoothing out the hair. Here are the ones I used in the tutorial:

    • Always point the blow dryer down so it keeps the cuticle down; otherwise, it creates more frizz.
    • Start at the nape of your head & work your way up. Use the size of your brush barrel as reference for how big of pieces to dry at a time.
    • For curled ends, flick/wrap the hair off. For super straight hair, dry straight down going in towards your face.
    • For v-v-v-olume, place brush under hair & dry hair upwards.
    • Finish off & eliminate frizz with a bit of oil. If your hair tends to get oilier quicker, avoid your scalp & work mid-ends. Here’s the one I used in the tutorial:

Finally, here’s the tutorial:

Remember, practice makes perfect. If you don’t get it on the first try, try again. If you’re still not getting it after 5-6 times, book an appointment with me & I can hook you up! Hehe! Any questions? Ask away below! Know  of any other great hair products, please share below!

Yours Truly-Yaniris

Wanding 101| Hair Tutorial

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screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-7-51-03-pm-2 Hello beauties! Finally, I’ve made a hair tutorial! This is my go-to, after my hair’s been dirty for a few days. I might as well stretch the blow-dry out even farther! ? It’s super simple to do, nothing too va-va-voom; believe it or not, I’ve only gotten better & better at wanding my hair just recently…

Few tips before I link the video:

  • Clean hair won’t hold the curl as well as having it a few days dirty would
  • Recently flat-ironed hair won’t curls as well either
  • Wand doesn’t need to be left on the hair more than 5 secs for fine hair, 10 secs for course hair 
  • The barrel I used is more for cascading waves. (Interested in seeing other tutorials with other barrels? LMK!)
  • If you want your curls away from your face, place the barrel behind your hair & vice versa
  • Always point your barrel down
  • Make sure you comb the hair & get rid of any tangles
  • Stay under 400 degrees
  • Extra volume: wrap the hair a tad closer to scalp & pull it forward 
  • Use the glove! Your fingers will thank you!
  • Brushing the curls out with your fingers for a less Quinceañera look! 

Products used: 

Amika Interchangeable Wand

Redken Satin Wear

Redken Iron Shape

Redken All Soft

May the wanding odds be ever in your favor! Remember to be patient, this is your hair & you don’t want to ruin it by frying it or even accidentally burning yourself. 

Yours Truly-Yaniris 


How To: Care For Makeup Brushes & Beauty Blenders

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Hello beauties! Earlier this week I discussed “Makeup Brushes For Beginners,” today I’m going to show you how I clean & dry them (video linked below). It’s VERY-VERY-VERY important to clean your brushes!!! Old makeup, dirt & debris, bacteria, oils & dead skin cells are what you will be rubbing on your face if you don’t clean them regularly! Yuck! ? I looove my makeup, but I also love not needing to wear it because 1) I take care of my skin, 2) I take care of my brushes & makeup.


Items I use:

By all means, you do not need to go out & buy any of these items! My husband spoils me rotten & gifted me these. Otherwise the normal swirling brushes on your hand & drying them on a towel, will work just fine! As well as using dish soap & olive oil. Also, I say this in the video, but here’s an important tip: use lukewarm water, not hot, & make sure to hold your brush down at an angle. You don’t want water getting into the ferrule, especially hot water, it will loosen the glue & ruin the brush.

Here’s the video:

As always, any questions don’t hesitate to ask! Make sure to subscribe to my channel so you can get instant updates on when I upload!

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