Get Inspired: DIY Bridal Boudoir Photos

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IMG_4545-X2Hello beauties! I know I’m not the only one to fall in love with a sexy boudoir photoshoot, & that sexy man up there sure deserved one. The whole time I was planning my wedding, I knew I wanted to gift my husband this as a wedding gift. Unfortunately, I waited too long & didn’t plan accordingly, so I couldn’t find a photographer that I trusted enough to do them for me. Being brave & confident, I chose to do them myself, with the help of my BFF as the photographer, whom also was the one to deliver the gift to him on our wedding day.


Boy, did my BFF & I laugh a lot the night we did the shoot! We have stories for days to tell our children! ❤️ But, who better than one of the people you trust the most in the world?! For about a week we went back & forth sharing Pins & getting our ideas together. We knew we were going to do it on a night my hubby had practice, so we can use his pro photog lighting! (That I’m sure we used completely wrong! Haha!) Oh, & I think we used his camera too! Lol! 

Conveniently, I found a cute bralette & matching undies at Target‘s sale section! Yasss! Then went ahead & used a few of my wedding day accessories; veil & garter.  Also, the day we shot this happened to be the same day I had my bridal hair & makeup trial! So the planning couldn’t of been more perfect! Location: my bedroom. At the time, the bedding was all white. Nothing says bride like white, so it worked out perfectly! 

I knew I wanted these photo’s to be printed out in wallet size, so editing or things like that was not done professionally. We literally saved them to our phones & made them black & white on there. I’m just so cute already, they didn’t need much editing either! ?

Ok, so I know you’re dying to see the photos…with the permission of my hubby, here they go: (Note: only 4 were allowed to be shared! The others weren’t “appropriate!”) 

FullSizeRender 44


FullSizeRender 45


A very important thing that you will need is CONFIDENCE!!! Bring out that sexy, girl! Do some research & find cute poses & execute them. It’s a judgment free zone! The only one who’s supposed to see these is your man, & be real, what hasn’t he seen?! Also, relax, & have fun! 

Yours Truly-Yaniris 


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