Dress To Impress: Swimsuit Edition

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Hello beauties! It’s been 2 weeks too long, but the good news is that I’ll be taking the rest of the summer to blog & perfect my blogging-Youtubing!

Swimsuit season started for me a little early this year, since I went crazy on much needed vacationing. I didn’t hold back one bit when it came to shopping for my swimsuits! I’m a very “if you got it, flaunt it” type of gal, tastefully though. I believe every woman should be too. “A beautiful body is one which reflects happiness and health, that shines with confidence and really does sing of a girl being comfortable in who she is.”-ABAD

Ladies, you’ve constantly been asking where I get my swimsuits, this blog post will link them all (or at least what hasn’t been sold out & taken out of the websites yet).


IMG_1577My “Boho-Chic” swimsuit is one of my favorites!!! I love the color & crochet on it, & the bottom was perfect for Miami! ? Never fails: it just happens to be on sale now! You’re welcome!  Top & Bottom from Victoria’s Secret.

FullSizeRender 28

I stopped wearing bandeau’s a while ago, when I realized my boobs were way to big for them. I happened to find one that held them in perfectly & just had to get it. I paired it with a plain cheeky bottom. Top & Bottom from Victoria’s Secret. Go check out their sale, I’m going to have to now too! Hehe!

IMG_1536 2Another favorite of mine! I wore it in Miami, & recently in Vegas. Makes me feel so sexy! Top (sold out) & Bottom both from Forever21! They came up in swimsuits this season. Kudos to them!


FullSizeRender 31

Not the best to tan with, but it’s such a hot number that I didn’t care! LOL!   Unfortunately it’s sold out too, but here’s a similar one, just as cute: Zigzag Textured One-Piece.
FullSizeRender 29“Modern Baywatch” realness. Another terrible one to tan with! LOL! But I love a sexy one-piece! Cutout Push-up Monokini from Forever21.


This one is your perfect cute, but practical swimsuit. It’s perfect for a waterpark, or day of swim activities. Holds everything in, while still stylish! I’m sorry to say it’s sold out at Forever21, but here’s one similar: Ladder-Cutout One-Piece.

IMG_2011A swimsuit this hot had to get purchased in every color they had! LOL! My legs are short, so I love the way this one gives the illusion that they’re longer. Laces Swimsuit purchased at Windsor. Check out their selection, they have a ton of hot ones!

That one birthday dress I didn’t get to wear on my actual birthday:


Figured I’d throw this one in there, since my next blogpost won’t be fashion related. Hehe! Everyone’s asking about my JLo dress! ??? Thankfully, I didn’t get to wear it bc it was a hit in Vegas. Plus my hubby was like “You were going to wear that w/o me being there?!” ? Of course, it was from one of the stores that need to sponsor me already: Love Culture! I could only find it in the blush though.

Can’t wait to see you guys rock it in your swimsuits! Have a fabulous, & stylish summer!

Yours Truly- Yaniris


Dress To Impress: Vacation Edition (MIA)

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First off a huge thank you for the wonderful feedback, the shares, & all of the love I received on last weeks post! ❤️ Excited to make even more YT makeup tutorials! I have so many ideas! ? Have anything in particular you want to see/learn? LMK! 

Last weekend I celebrated my 28th birthday in beautiful South Beach, Miami, where I had the time of my life!!! My girls & I have this thing where we like to be “comfy cute.” Our early 20’s we could handle any heels, now we just think of how long we’ll have to be in them & choose a more comfier way to slay! ? This being just a short 3 day trip, I packed super light.  Every outfit was thought out on a scale from comfy-how long will I have to get ready?! Lol!

On Thursday night our flight got there at midnight, but we all knew we wanted to hit the town as soon as we arrived…Quickest way to slay the day: a romper! Beat my face, threw this sucker on with some wedges, & ran out the door! I call this my “Boho Chic” look! Purchased at one of my fav’s: Love Culture. (Unfortunately, I can’t find that exact one, but check out their lovely romper selection. I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking!)

FullSizeRenderFriday night was also a “comfy cute” night for me since the day was spent drinking & I much preferred to let my nap take up some of my getting ready time. Hehe! This romper is just so cute, I cannot wait to wear it again. This too was from Love Culture, but I have seen it at Akira too. Thankfully the wedges (they’re from Discovery) went with both, since I packed it all into a small suitcase. More room for my makeup! ?

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 21& yes, I know: “Rompers are great, until you have to go to the bathroom!” LOL! 

On Saturday, we decided to go for a ride on a catamaran, our fav! In the middle of dancing, it rain & poured, & guess what? We kept on dancing! It was seriously the time of my life! Although, my hair got wet, it was worth it! This beautiful cover up was a must have, it went perfect with the swimsuit. “Boho Beach Babe ” is what I was going for. Again, you can find it at Love Culture.

FullSizeRender 3

Saturday night, was my pre-birthday celebration. I wanted a sophisticated slay! LOL! Only because Sunday’s birthday dress, I was going for the kill. Too bad I fell asleep & didn’t get to wear it, but I have Vegas in 2 weeks so I’ll be wearing it there! Hehe! Back to my Saturday dress, I absolutely loved my boobs in this number! ? & see how my hair is curly? From dancing in the rain! The best excuse ever! Both the dress & shoes were from Love Culture! (At this point, they need to hurry up & sponsor me & send me free stuff! ?) 

FullSizeRender 4

To these 8 beauties: Thank you for a fabulous 28th birthday weekend! #CHISlaysMIA did indeed happen!

FullSizeRender 22

Ladies, everyone loves fashion, but remember: “Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it!” Summer is my fav, so I have tons of fashion/style blog posts coming up! Stay tuned! 

Yours Truly- Yaniris 


Vacation Withdrawals

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Oh, how I’ve missed my blog! It’s been exactly 2 weeks since my last post. First, I was super busy prepping for my vacay, then once I got back, I got super sick…

DR was amaaazzzing!!! Seriously, if you haven’t been GO! On this trip I packed super smart & took exactly what I needed, clothes wise… I wish I could say the same for my makeup though! Hehe! I decided to bring my entire vanity! & guess what?! I only used about 5-6 items out of all that I brought! With the heat, my skin a tad tanner, & all the dancing & drinking we were about to do I knew the less makeup, the better!

Here are a few staple items you should have in your makeup bag on your next vacay, or even for the hot summer Chicago nights:

Here’s a look I created using those staple items:


I’m working on getting a few tutorials up. You’ll be able to see in much detail “The Art Of Beating Yaniris’ Face!” Haha! I’m excited to show in detail my tips & tricks, & make you all as makeup obsessed as I am! Beware, it gets expensive, so I’m sorry in advance. Be on the lookout for those! In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions!

Outfit deets:




Yours Truly, Yaniris