My name is Yaniris; pronounced Jah-nny-rrris (blame my Puerto Rican parents for that one!) To make life easier, Yani for short.

Welcome to my blog!

I’m 28-years-old, residing in Chicago. Married to a man far better than I ever dreamed of. We’re expecting our first bundle of joy early July- our rainbow baby! 

I’m in love with my job(s)! I nanny the sweetest, most adorable children, & I also get to make women more beautiful than they already are. Crazy mix, right!? I wouldn’t have it any other way! Plus, after all, “I’m an advocate of limitless possibilities!” With that sad, sometimes my jobs take over my life, so bare with me when you see I haven’t posted in a while. I’m sure it’ll get even worst once my baby comes! 

I have a passion for fashion, and an obsession with makeup, & I also love to travel. I love date nights with my hubby, but I also love a good table top dancing girls night out! Oh, & I’m also a Pinterest/DIY Queen!

For a while I was asked to start a blog, & have always wanted to, but never really had the courage until now! So much hard work creating this dream blog, but I’m very proud of it! Way too many times I’ve been someones fashion consultant, bargain finder, advice giver… So, I’m super excited to be able to do that on this blog! Be on the lookout for all things makeup, hair, skincare, fashion hauls & sales, my life as a nanny, marriage funnies, & any other thing I’ll think of through out time!

Make yourself at home, you’re welcome anytime!

Yours Truly- Yaniris





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